Taragate Flood Fencing System

This system is made up of several new products all of which have been extensively trialled. A fundamental of this system is that it is designed to give way if placed under only moderate strain, eliminating major problems before they occur.


All new, quick and easy!

The backbone of the system, the Flo-Post is a white self insulated UV stabilised post designed to flex and bend when under pressure from the flow of water when in flood. Water flow and debris will flatten the Flo-Post and when clear of debris it will spring back to its original position intact. Easy to install being driven by a light hand held post driver.


A more rigid but still flexible self insulated T post that works in a similar way to the Flo-Post but due to its extra rigidity is used is this system where anchor points are needed e.g. corners. Easy to install with light hand held post driver.


Highly conductive bio degradable polywire with a planned limited lifespan, also designed to break down in an environmentally friendly manner.

A plastic tie with a measured breaking strain. This is used to attach the Flo-Wire to the Flo-Post and the Corner Post and is designed to give way ahead of any other part of the system.


Comes with a ‘R’ Clip. Provides a ‘quick release’ when needed, disconnecting the power so any shorting or breakdown in the system will not compromise the rest of the farms electric fence system.

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