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My wife, Barbara, and I have a background in intensive grassland farming, farming 500 dairy cows on an all-pasture system. Electric fencing plays a vital role in successful grass management, and we used what products were available at the time, many of which had not improved for many decades. We decided we could do better. We saw ways to improve the traditional products allowing for simpler livestock management, making farming life easier.

From this idea Taragate was born in 1989 and since then, our family business has been manufacturing innovative electric fence products based on making real and practical improvements. Taragate has forged its way from humble beginnings operating out of a woolshed in the heartland of New Zealand’s premier dairy region.

As Taragate’s flagship product the ‘Taragate Multi Strand Electric Gate’ grew in popularity so did the company and very quickly the woolshed became too small to cope with the innovative product lines that were being developed. Our high quality, easy to use products have built us a reputation of excellence. And our strong relationships with other innovative companies mean we are constantly introducing new products, and finding ways to improve the old.

So look for products that carry the Taragate name to ensure quality, uniqueness and innovation.

And for our American customers, we now have a dedicated US website! Just follow this link www.taragate.com.
Kerry Powell.

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